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Thursday, January 12, 2012

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Principal Arrested for Lewd Acts with Children January 11, 2012

One of the biggest anti-Catholic organizations has to look at themselves.

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Principal Arrested for Lewd Acts with Children
January 11, 2012

On Tuesday January 10, 2012 the Whittier Police Department arrested Daniel Edwin Weston for committing lewd acts with children.  Daniel is currently the Principal for Seventh Day Adventist Church School of West Covina.  Prior to being the Principal at Seventh Day Adventist Church of West Covina, he was the Principal for seven years at the Seventh Day Adventist Church School of Whittier (located at 8841 South Calmada Avenue).  The incident(s) occurred in the month of January 2008. 

Arrested: Daniel Edwin Weston, DOB 4-28-1964, charged with 288(a)pc (Lewd acts with a child).

Please pray for the victims.


  1. Shall we really play this game? Perhaps we should remind others of the countless pedophile cases covered up by the Roman Catholic church.

    1. The point is, The Catholic Church is not the only religious group with a few bad people in it's ranks. It should be dealt with better, I'll admit, but the fact remains that the Catholic Church has the lowest ratio of perverts in it's ranks than any other huge organization.

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    3. You might have a point about the coverups if the Vatican 2 Antichurch were really the Catholic Church but you don't because it's not. Google the words "Sedevacantism" and "Sedevacantist" then visit some "Sedevacantist" sites such as,,, and/or

  2. Yep, there are wrong doers everywhere. That kinda levels the field. I hope the adventists dont have plans for covering up abusers. Its one thing to break the law and another to a system of covering it up.